Many community volunteers and businesses in the Eugene/Springfield area are coming together to plan the 29th annual Whiteaker free community Thanksgiving dinner. Last November we were able to serve over 2000 men, women, and children. This year we expect more people will attend. If you need somewhere to go Thanksgiving Day come and join us.

WHEN:       Thursday, November 22nd 2018

WHERE:     Whiteaker Community Head Start Center  —  21 North Grand Avenue, Eugene

TIME:          Dinner 11 to 3pm               Give-Aways 8 to 2pm

This is much more than a free dinner. It is a day of community warmth and sharing. It is a day our community comes together to share respect and support for each other. It is wonderful to see the smiles of the many grateful people as they receive a delicious dinner and free, much needed, sleeping bags, blankets, shelter materials, toiletries, and clothes.

How You Can Help!

Donate Needed Items!  Check-out our Wish List!

Sponsor an Item!

  • Sponsor a Turkey  $1.50 a pound
  • Sponsor a 30° Sleeping Bag   $20 each
  • Sponsor a Blanket   $10 each


  • Before the Event
  • During the Event
  • After the Event








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