No More

We hope you are staying safe and healthy.  In light of pandemic-related public health and safety concerns, the 2020 Whiteaker Community Thanksgiving Dinner has been cancelled. Unfortunately, due to additional changes in the primary support and coordination necessary to put this event on each year, we must also announce that we will no longer be able to continue to provide the Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner in the future.

While it saddens us to have to announce the end of the Free Whiteaker Thanksgiving Dinner non-profit after 31 wonderful years, we look to other similarly minded community non-profits and see reason to be hopeful. Over the course of our history we have seen a steady flourishing of non-profit organizations whose mission is like ours.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Women, children, and men helping each other and those around them experience “community.”  Giving and receiving sleeping bags, clothing, toothbrushes, extra helpings of turkey and mashed potatoes, all the pie that you could eat, flu shots, massages, photo-booths, kid’s activities and care packages for pets… All while enjoying some of the best music in Eugene. These are memories we will cherish.

To all the wonderful volunteers, guests, and donors, THANK YOU for making this Thanksgiving Dinner event a fantastic, amazing and unforgettable experience year after year.  (31 years!!!)

Moving forward, we encourage you to take your past experiences from the Whiteaker Thanksgiving Dinners and share them with others.  Keep in your hearts the feeling of community, acceptance, and respect for everyone. We are fortunate there are many groups and organizations that provide food and other needed items to people in our community. We invite you to support these efforts, just as we of the Board and event coordinators will be looking to provide help as well.  

Peace to all 

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

Burrito Brigade
https://burritobrigade.org      541-556-5051
3 programs: Burrito Brigade, Little Free Pantries, Waste to Taste.

Food Not Bombs
eugenefoodnotbombs@gmail.com    530-521-4991
Serves meals Fridays at Park Blocks, 4pm.

Carry IT Forward
info@carryitforward.net   541-844-9311
525 State Hwy 99, Eugene, OR 97402
Distributes clothing, camping items, and more.

Community Supported Shelters
Maintains Safe Spot / Rest Stop Communities
Runs the Reboot Station at 1845 W. 11th offering free showers and food.
Distributes clothing, camping gear, food.   Help build shelters.

Nightingale Hosted Shelters
Camp Manager: 541-870-5385
Rest Stop at 34th and Hillyard
Distributes clothing, camping gear, and food.

Hosea Youth Services
834 Monroe Street, Eugene
Offers youth a safe space including laundry, showers, and clothing.

Lane County Mutual Aid
Message 541-690-8107
Support for vulnerable housed and unhoused neighbors.
Distro Hub or Neighborhood Pod.

White Bird Clinic
341 E 12th Ave
Offers counseling, clothing, camping gear, and more.

Meals On Wheels of Lane County
mowlane.org   541-682-3353
Provide smiles and meals to homebound neighbors.

Wildfire resources on White Bird’s Update and Community Resource Page